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Do You Feel That?

Every Wednesday I do a podcast called "The 40 Year Old Boy", and every week I'm a little worried that I'm not going to be able to fill the time allotted. Alloted by whom, you ask? Why, by my tiny brain, of course. I've created an artificial show construct in my head, which I then twist my guts around every week, trying to make sure I fill some invisible quota nobody knows about. By the way, is this too much "behind the curtain" for everybody? Asking that seems silly; let's be honest, is there even a fucking curtain left at this point? You people have everything except my personal ball-shaving schedule ... which, in case you were wondering, is coming up this week. Well, it's supposed to be this week; we'll have to wait and see if anyone interesting answers my Craigslist ad...

"Friendly gentleman seeks razor/trimmer operator for smooth crotchicity. Must bring your own velvet gloves and enjoy the music of D'angelo."

As I fretted about my self-imposed podcasting rules this week, the Lord himself decided to send me something to talk about. As the Earth shook beneath my rolly chair, I had two thoughts:

1. Get to a doorway and scream like a lady, and...

2. Thank God, now I have something to talk about

This week's YouTube video has me and Lili recreating the tension-filled moments when we thought we might die in the worst building in Hollywood. Look, I'm fully aware that her building is going to kill me eventually - the asbestos level in the walls is exceeded only by the lead in the paint that covers them. I just thought the process would be a lot further drawn out, something I could bitch about on a deathbed in the future, not wistfully long for as I slowly expired under a pile of rubble and indigent tenants. Anyway, check it out ... and check out the others, if you're so inclined. Help me convince myself that shouting into the void is not as pointless as it sometimes seems.

Some bonus "Id" for you as well. Mex has sent along a bunch of these; I'm just trying to find the delicate balance between, "Hey, look at this" and, "Mex, can you draw more stuff - maybe posting six of these in a day wasn't such a great idea."

Don't forget that my one-man show, "The 40 Year Old Boy: Success Is Not An Option" is premiering at The Dark Room theater in San Francisco August 20 & 21. Showtime is 10:00 both nights, and tickets are available now: http://bit.ly/dmkDXW. I love saying "don't forget", as if buying tickets to the show was like picking up milk or something. Bread, eggs and "The 40 Year Old Boy"; it's all about priorities, people.


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