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Explosions Of Id...

For the longest time, Mex and I had an idea of taking short bursts of dialogue from "The 40 Year Old Boy" and using them for ... something. Posters? Maybe. Tote bags? Thought about it. Bumper Stickers? Please. You've heard the show; have I ever said one thing that would even FIT on a bumper sticker, let alone conform to public indecency statutes? The last thing you want to hear from a cop when you get pulled over is, "Ma'am, two questions: who are The Screw Brothers, and what exactly is an Apecock 2000?" Now, though - now we think we've got something...

Man, this is a lot of fuckin' buildup for something we just thought was kind of a lark. I mean, we might never do one of these again, but I'm going on and on like I'm changing the fucking world or something. Good Christ, it's not like we're gonna be putting these up every hour on the hour for fuck's sake, just get to it.

Enough typing/yapping; enjoy your first installment of "Explosions Of Id"

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two of the funniest things i can remember you saying are "that couldn't be any gayer if you watched it through a glory hole" and "his afro look like god's boom mic"

ahhhh I resemble that remark. It's a little scary that I might be reacting the same way in that situation, I hope there's nothing wrong with me.

Hey Mike,

I love this idea. Weirdly enough, I'd thought of a semi-similar thing that I'd hoped would pop up eventually. Basically, I'm interested in seeing tiny comics of the show break stuff.

Also, I think it would be great to see a series of drawings from the sex positions you created (asian cartwheel, etc.). You could even make it an interactive game for the site or something. It would be a silhouette of the position that you'd have to try to match with the name...if you get it right, an audio clip of you explaining the position could play. Actually, nevermind. That sounds like a crazy amount of work. I know Kirk's busy trying to move to Oregon, so I wouldn't want to bother him with that as I'm also moving to Oregon. It sounds like Kirk's a cool guy, and I'd like cool people to be where I'm moving.

I want to see what the Screw Brothers look like. What about the guys at the Velvet Rope? The toys from The Island of Misfit Toys?

Another area that could be served from the drawings could be stuff that Mex wouldn't normally draw for the show. One image that comes to mind is Episode 2 of Year 2 when you're describing where you had to sit at Lili's. Interactions with her aren't often depicted in the week's image, yet there is almost always an interesting interaction with her that would make for a funny comic panel.

Well, that's what I have off the top of my head.

I hope that helps.


Oh yeah, I just favorited your page too.

I'm liking it! Although I'm still not convinced that we don't need 40yo bumper stickers!

Love it! Also, considering I have worn my "You had better stop that" helicopter shirt to church, I think I'd be on board with "GET OUTTA MY FUCKIN' CANDY ZONE!" being on basically anything.

Definitely made my day to see this.

I really want you to keep doing the exploisions of id. Great! And I would be really impressed with a series of investigative videos of the homeless man on the roof. I can't beleive that you would keep talking when the most interesting homeless man of the century is running laps behind you.. I also can't beleive that I'm commenting on you talking through anything. Christ, you would keep talking even if there was a mushroom cloud in the background.

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