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I Know, I Know...

... I said I was going to be doing this more often, and I am. The main thing I need to do is shake the feeling that every entry needs to be a fucking novel. Nothing wrong with a quick-hitter to justify people visiting more often. Case in point, this brief yet powerful entry.

Want to thank Mike Funt and Mike Hollingsworth for making my experience at the Titmouse Animation Studio Wednesday night a success. Hope they'll have me back, and I promise to be more acclimated to the format next time ... although they may be thinking twice about booking a guy who doesn't breathe during a performance. I think Mike H. should have just drawn an open mouth and left.

I'd be remiss if I didn't thank Anna Hollingsworth and Bailee DesRocher for their kind words as well. Made me feel like less of a jackass for wreaking havoc with their husbands' show.

Episode Ten is up on "The 40 Year Old Boy" page, and in it you'll hear me babbling about video, a medium I attempted to conquer and failed during Year Two. Emboldened by the new website, I've decided to try again. Behold a guy who looks like Rush Limbaugh's kid.



Okay, when Lily turned and caught him running around the building, that was classice.

It was weird to see the words coming out of his mouth! If i shut my eyes it was just like i was listening to the podcast which is great- but actually seeing his facial expressions added another level of greatness!! keep 'em comin mike!! love it

Yaaay...I'm glad to see the video :D
Homeless guy is hilarious :p
Not as hilarious as Mike thought hehe

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