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It's Alright, I'm Not Dangerous...

Dammit – I love a Chris Brown song.

I was driving when “Fine China” came on. Saw the name of the artist and instinctively raised my hand to defend myself from the beat, but the greatness of the song just repeatedly smashed me in the face. Got to a stoplight and actually locked my hands behind my head, covering my ears with my elbows to protect myself from the breezy pop attack.

The song put me in a funky headlock, and for a minute I thought I would pass out … but then the hook of the chorus bit into my ear and made sure I stayed awake for the entire catchy ordeal. I pulled over at my stop and tried to get out, but the song seemed to speed up, not allowing me to leave the car. Finally, mercifully, the song ended, leaving me there to process my feelings about what had just happened.

Still a little confused about the whole thing – everyone tells me I’m not supposed to love the song, but I can’t help myself. Here’s hoping I can be strong enough to stand up for what’s right and put the song behind me ... although I’ll probably give it another listen in four years or so.


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