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It's For You...

New episode of "The 40 Year Old Boy" podcast now empty and aching and I don't know why. Maybe it's the weather; as I type this it's 84ยบ at 5:15 AM, with no real hope for relief later today. I should point out that I don't mind; if given the choice, I would absolutely die in a fire rather than freeze to death. Of course, that seems a little extreme here - why can't I just say "I like summer", and leave it at that?

Hey, have I mentioned my love of semi-colons? I really don't need to, as any entry I type will drive that message home with a vengeance. I need to get a new punctuation crutch - maybe brackets? Yeah, I never use fucking brackets. [They are definitely the move].

Special guest on this week's video, as I decided not to force you to observe me twisting in agony searching for the funny. Instead, meet Dog Puppet, one of the many magical creatures who reside in Lili Land. Next week we'll meet any number of wig heads, and about forty-five pictures of The Flash. The Clown is apparently a fan.



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