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Making The Sausage, Part One...

Listen, it's been clearly established that this site is the fucking greatest; it's also been definitively stated that I made little to no contribution to that greatness. I was a conduit, a weigh station - David would come up with ideas and I'd say "yes", which led to him creating a billion pencil drawings I needed to wrap my tiny brain around in order to decide the final look. This was the true agony of the process for me, as I fucking loved everything David came up with; hell, if I had my way the site would be ten different versions of the "Joe Business" page, each more explicit than the last.

Once the decision was made I'd shoot the artwork over to Oregon Kirk, and he and David would do all the heavy lifting. This left me plenty of time to sit around and think of clever things to jam into my bio ... a job I unfortunately did all too well. See, I made the mistake of waiting to write my bio until AFTER the bio page artwork had been finalized - a huge fucking error on my part, as the endless nonsense I typed about myself wouldn't fit into the space allotted in the artwork. This led to history's most literal interpretation of the phrase "back to the ol' drawing board", as Mex was forced to create alternative artwork capable of supporting my apparently very high opinion of my accomplishments. He created it alright - but not before giving me several options to choose from.

Pictured here are not only both the original and final artwork Mex created for the "Hi, I'm Mike" page, but also several of the pencil roughs for the redo. Again, keep in mind that I loved ALL of this stuff, and would drive Mex crazy by being unable to make a decision. I'm not sure which memory I love best: the two-hour "which secretary works best, old-school or modern?" discussion, or the forty-five minute, "can she be wearing a green top?" debate.


Mike Schmidt Activity Stream Image
Mike Schmidt Activity Stream Image


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