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A Video Nasty...

Back for the attack Dokken-style, with two very special time-wasters for your always eager eyes. This week's YouTube excursion is a trip through Hollywood's blandest hallways. See me handle a hose, climb a ladder and threaten to wake the neighbors, all while Lili plays good sport. I have no idea why she tolerates this sort of behavior, but I'm plenty happy to have her on my side. If you're looking for an ally in horseplay, always go with "hot girl", as people tend to let them get away with more stuff than they would "fat guy". Take it from me, "Fat Guy".

The second item for your inspection was supposed to be the poster art for "The 40 Year Old Boy: Success Is Not An Option", but unfortunately the website is not cooperating, forcing me to contact the Web Genius and get him on the case. Hope to have it up soon, lest I look like a buffoon ... well, even more of a buffoon than normal, anyway.



When you talked about the window giving way in the courthouse, my butt clenched up and I threw up a little in my mouth. Otherwise, fun video.

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