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Worth The Wait...

Three months.

That’s how long it takes to get your website up and running. At least, that’s how long it took for me to get my site online – and by “me”, I mean “everybody but me.” Seriously, take a look around here; do you really see anything of importance I might have provided? Christ, other than these words you’re reading I’ve contributed virtually nothing to this brilliance … well, unless you count “staring slack jawed” as a contribution. If so, then I’ve contributed more than ten men combined.

I need to thank my webguy, Kirk, who is probably happier than I am to finally have this squared away. I can’t imagine spending two hours on the phone with me every Sunday was a pleasant experience, but Kirk hung in there, delivering on everything he said he would. His tireless work putting together everything David and I would dream up is reflected in every page of this site, and I look forward to working with him as long as he wants to be involved … which I’m sure means he’ll be quitting shortly.

There’s no superlative strong enough to reflect how I feel about David’s contributions to this site. Everything you see here is born not only from his creativity and patience, but from his strong belief in me, and everything I do. It’s become a running joke for me to point out that I have no friends; I can tell you that when you have a friend like David, you don’t need many others. Thanks, Mex.

Now – you. Let’s deal with you for a minute. That is a lovely tie/blouse you’re wearing, Sir/Madame, and let me say that you’ve never smelled better/looked younger/inspired more ladies to swoon. Okay, back to me…

Whether you know me from “The 40 Year Old Boy” podcast, or just wound up reading this because you Googled the wrong Mike Schmidt - I’m Michael Glen, not Michael Jack - I want to keep you coming back. I want to make this an every day stop for you as you make your Internet rounds. Lots of stuff on the way in 2010: weekly episodes of the podcast, the “Rocky With A Blog” chase finally getting underway, the creation of my one-man show … and I’d like to have you along for all of it.

Consider this site – and more specifically, this page – to be like Facebook, but you only have to worry about one friend. I will not ask you to join my Mafia crew, I will not ask you to tend my virtual crops, and I will definitely not violate your trust by loosening up my privacy settings in order to sell your personal information to the Chinese. Of course, if the Chinese start hitting that “Donation” button in the corner often enough, I’ll have to rethink that last pledge. I’ve got bandwidth to pay for, people.

Thanks for listening, I appreciate it.



Excellent new web page, Mike! Looks great from my iPhone, but I can't wait to check it out with Adobe Flash at home!

Dude, Killer sausage. Lovin' the site and for the time being it hasn't been caught in the NSFW filter at my office.... So I'll get some little Schmidty humor going there...

I missed the op to get the Skull Pie shrits / Mugs when they were out. Any chance of a revisit? Mex? ... Put em at zazzle.... that and some of the little schmidty antics on shirts... not sure how their business model works or what you have to pay to get set up...

All the way around, it WAS worth the wait. Killer shit.

Now, get off your ass and quit staring at the shrine to youself and go make with the funny.

This is absolutely fantastic, Mike! You and your team deserve all the accolades and praise that sycophants like me can provide! Thank you (and also Lili for producing) for consistently providing such an entertaining program. Congratulations on this wonderful new cyber shrine!

Great new site Mike. I like being about to log on without getting shot at!

This site - all the content and artwork - is absolutely fantastic! Definitely the cat's ass, something to be proud of for sure! I look forward to your podcast every week. The only dilemma I have is whether to listen to the new podcast immediately or to save several up so I can listen to them on a flight.

I don't want to say the same as everyone else! Yes, the site is awesome, visually stunning and cool, however I think your donate button should have been "Buy us a drink"....but wait you don't......so maybe "Buy us a meal."?

Keep up the good work!

That's a nice lookin' website, fellas. Good work.

Brilliant site Mike! Your relentless "Hey-I'm-running-the-meeting!" stranglehold vision and the patience and incredible talents of your TEAM (Lili, Mex & Oregon Kirk) resulted in a wonderful thing!
Thanks... I enjoy your words in my ears AND on the page!

Love the new site, Mike. All involved have outdone themselves. Especially like Mex's artwork on the wall drawings. All very subtle, but so detailed!


The new site looks great! Mex's artwork is fucking amazing. Tell him he straight kicks fuckin' ass.

The site looks amazing. So blown away by Mex's drawings and Kirk's work. I used to make web pages and it is so much work! *massive understatement* Best update to a web presence I've seen in a long long time.

So much happiness!
You guys must be very proud! One thing I love about you Mike, is that you give a fuck. You don't just tell someone else to do it, you don't just throw something together. You give a fuck about doing something awesome.
and in reference to this week's podcast--DID NOT KNOW ANYONE ELSE DID THE SUPER GROSS PEPPERONI THING!

Awesome website....Well worth the wait.

Sweet fancy Moses, Mike--the difference between the old and new sites is like night and day. (You don't believe in taking baby steps, eh?) Love the podcast, love the new site. Kudos to you, Lili, Mex and Kirk. I agree, it WAS worth the wait (and the angst--don't forget the angst)!

It'd be cool to add a RSS feed for your blog(s). I use Google Reader for most of my blog type stuff and it's great. Just a suggestion that you absolutely do not have to take just because one person said it lol.

I love the website. It's hilarious, fun, and with awesome exciting colors. Great job to all involved!

Website owns, podcast owns. My skull is but a serving vessel.

Sweet Baby Jesus your website is the tits!!

Will be checking it everyday from now on, congrats Mike you got a beautiful page, go Team Schmidt!

Site looks GREAT, Mike! Congratulations! Nice work to everyone involved.


Great looking site, only suggestion would be to have a more basic directory at the bottom with clear titles like "store" etc.

But otherwise, damn... you're going up in the podcasting world.

holy shit, awesome new site mike
it looks like it fills the holes of something missing
love the show, thanks

Glad to see the site is up and running Mike!

Will you be setting up monthly donations? I'd feel better about doing that rather than a one time donation. Plus, it seems like it would give you a better idea of roughly how much money would be coming in from the podcast month to month.

I guess I'm just looking for info right now. I'll donate through whatever channels I need to.

Love the show!

Holy fuck! How awesome! It is indeed the most beautiful sausage I have ever laid eyes on.

Hands down one of the top seven websites I've ever seen.

Looks good Mike, love the illustrations.

Great looking new site, Mike. Mex is really, really good. Your show is awesome. I am the Ween guy. You are part of the reason that a friend and I started a podcast of our own, and are having a fantastic time doing it. We actually talk about your show here and there. Keep up the ramblings. Your tongue is a cyborg. Thanks for the laughs.

Love the new site. But where is the link to www.q-engineer.co.uk?

Seems like you have just added it in the body of your post, Many Thanks Daniel!

I love the site. Very visually stimulating. Good job all.

Great to finally see the site up and running. Looks great! I like how it's not like every other site by that I mean there's no specific button except "Home" that tells you exactly what your gonna see when you browser refreshes. Like a kinder egg of a website!

Wow, love the look of the new site Mike. The illustrations are amazing and whole thing has a great feel - fun, bright and very you. As you say, worth the wait!

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