Contribute To Mike Schmidt Inc. Purchase Mike's Past Purchase Mike's Past Please Buy All My Stuuuuuuuff Please Buy All My Stuuuuuuuff Put Mike In Your Ears Put Mike In Your Ears Put Mike In Your Ears Lucky, But Empty Very Lucky, Also Empty Socks Wait A Minute - Nope, False Alarm, Empty Empty Empty Empty Nope Nothin' Nothin' Devoid Of Product Empty As Well Barren (Sigh) Empty */ ?> The Foul-Mouthed, Buxom Godmother Of Burlesque The Talent The Misanthropic Gangster Sting Your Enemies. See Them Grinning Before You. Hear The Laughter Of Their Women. We Need A Pound Of Hacksilver For Every Skull You See... If You're Good At Something, Never Do It For Free. One Does Not Simply Podcast For Seven Years And Not Try To Profit From It. Winter Is Coming … Buy A Coat Or Something. No Chain Mail Yet, But We’re Working On It.  I am David, Son Of David; And If By Life Or Death I Can Entertain You, I Will.