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A Couple Of Jabs...

Brief entry to catch you up to speed...

1. Hit it hard at the Secular Gym with Shawn on Tuesday; plenty of unconventional methods, along with good, old-fashioned violence. Got to throw kicks and punches for the first time in a long time, enjoyed it thoroughly.

2. Shawn took some measurements...

Weight ~ 306 lbs.
Body fat ~ 26%
Body Mass Index ~ 39

That weight has to be off by thirty pounds or so, I'll have to head to my regular gym or Dr.'s office to get an official read. By the way, the use of the tilde was strictly a Shawn choice; I'm far too busy abusing semi-colons to work in such pretentious punctuation. What's next Shawn, an ampersand with an accent mark? How droll.

Shawn is out for Thursday due to a prior engagement, but we'll be back at it soon. I'm hoping to do some weights/cardio on my own this weekend, depends on my writing progress; I'm doing a little show you may - or may not - have heard about:



8-6-10 weigh-in, 281 pounds, total loss 20 pounds.

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