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There's No Easy Way Out...

Doing great ... vitamin program ... eating fruit ... caved in ... bought supplies ... sorted, counted ... hate myself ... trying again.


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6-17-10 weigh in, 297, Total loss 4 pounds.

Back on track, especially since yesterday was my birthday and that meant cake and Outback!

Well Blues Fest and deep dish Chicago pizza was trouble. 6-15-10 weigh in 299. Total loss 2 pounds.

6-11-10 weigh in, 294.8, Total loss 6.2 pounds.

Going to Blues Fest in Chicago this weekend. This could be trouble....

Just came back from running up Los Feliz and back....2 1/2 miles......but it feels like alot more cuz I m lazy..ran into Patton Oswalt and his wife strolling their kid on the side street, said "Patton, you rock!" like a madman as I sweat and ran past him, to his credit he turned around and said "thank you?" with a look of bewilderment probably thinking"who the fuck is that sweaty brown guy?".....I had no one to tell so I tell all of you collectively. Any way back on subject, I ll be running around like an idiot again tomorrow and weighing myself on Saturday...that should be fun because there is nothing I like better than weighing the cause of my sadness and regret..I ll post on Saturday with the I was pushing 200 and I m 5'9 so we ll see where I stand now 2 months later...

6-10-10 Weigh in. 145. I tried the one-foot-on-the-scale method. It really works.

6-10-10 weigh in, 296 Total loss 5 pounds.

6-9-10 weigh in, 296.6 Total loss 4.4 pounds.

6-8-10 weigh in, 299.6- Under 300, yeah! Total loss 1.6 pounds.

Don't beat yourself up too much...old habits die hard. If it becomes too much of a temptation have Karen engage the store employees and ditch you every time you go in as a weird sort of aversion therapy. Congrats on doing the vitamins and fruit. I hate taking the vitamins I'm meant to take....hate it soo freaking much.

Keep it up Mikey. FAT MIKE must DIE :)


Well, at least its not a bunch of empty gansito wrappers.....

Mike, you gotta start punching it up, right now it s supplies 1>Mike 0.

Now please excuse me as I run 2 miles today and then come home and eat a couple of waffles topped with ice cream, the sad part is I ve done that this week and I think I m going to do it again today...jeez, I should just walk around with a maple syrup IV to ensure I never lose any weight (sigh)

I guess we all far short of the mark but you got to keep trying right? DAMN RIGHT

Love the fact that you re writing more these days, I enjoy visiting and reading up on your misadventures, keep it up Mike.

Now go put on your fingerless black gloves and chase that chicken around!

Time for some exercise to be included in this portion of the blog. I'll start running tomorrow if you will.

Wow ... you always think your own OCD is bad until you see what somebody else does ... ca

Alright, I'm in. A year ago at this time I had lost forty pounds after four months of strict dieting and rigorous exercise, and then...well, I won't get into the numerous life events that caused me to quit all that, but basically I got lazy and ended up putting back on all of that weight, plus another fifteen. Now I'm knocking on the door to 300 lb, a weight I swore I would never let myself get to. So now the line is drawn at 298. This far, no farther. Back at the gym this morning for the first time in months, thirty minutes of cardio on the elliptical. Honestly would have done some weight training as well, except I forget to bring my hand towel (I've been gone so long I'd forgotten it), so I didn't want to leave the equipment a sweaty mess. I won't make that mistake tomorrow. Going to the grocery store tonight to re-stock on all the foods that I used to lose weight before. Turkey bacon and frozen vegetables, here we go!

Weighed in this morning @ 301.

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